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GRIC Community Truancy Procedure

In an effort to improve truancy issues within the Community, a common procedure has been developed that aligns with the GRIC Truancy Code and the procedures followed by the GRIC Children’s Court. The process is explained below.

Truancy is defined as: … a child, who is absent from school for five days or more days during any school semester and/or not enrolled, who does not have a valid excuse. Valid excuses include but not limited to; 1) being ill with guardian notification to school (doctor excuse required after 5 consecutive absences), 2) death of a family member (up to 5 days), 3) school activity, 4) required court appearance, and 5) family event (with prior notice to school). Suspensions/expulsions are considered unexcused.

After each unexcused absence the school will make a phone call to the parent/guardian. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached by phone, a letter will be sent to the parent. After the third unexcused absence, the school will send a certified letter to the parent/guardian.

After the 5th absence a home visit will be made. The school will attempt to find out why the student isnt in school, provide the parent/guardian with a copy of the Truancy process and explain that the student must return to school and that additional unexcused absences will result in a Juvenile Truancy Petition being folded with the Gila River Children’s Court. After the 6th absence the school will file the Juvenile Truancy Petition.

If a student withdraws from school and the student’s records have not been requested by another school indicating that the student has been re-enrolled in school, each day will be considered unexcused absences for the purposes of the steps schools follow as part of the Truancy Procedure.

Gila River Indian Community Children’s Code 7.603.

Your child’s school, Tribal Education Department or GRIC Probation Department

Excused absences do not count toward your child’s absences if you are following your school procedures.

Law enforcement officials, School administration, School support staff, school designee, TSS Worker, Protective Services, Parent or court appointed Guardian, Truancy or Probation Officers.

The child and parent/guardian will have to appear in court to address this.

Yes, if your student is actively enrolled

A half year term.

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