Child Development & Education Support Services

Early Intervention (Birth-3 Years)
We accept referrals from various sources such as parents, medical providers, teachers, social services, collaborative programs and agencies. We will screen your child to see if their development is appropriate for his/her age. We provide screenings and evaluations at no cost to families residing within the community. Following a child’s screening, a family plan may be developed and services will begin. Families can also enroll their child in our monitoring program.

Preschool Special Education (3-5 Years)
Services are available through your local Community school, Head Start, FACE or Early Education Center. The family or teacher of a child may request a referral for an evaluation. This may lead to an Individualized Education Program for children who require specialized assistance or support services.

*Student Supports: Advocacy (Pre-K-12 Grade)
Parents/Guardians of GRIC students enrolled in on and off-Community schools may call, fax, or email a request/referral for advocacy. A Student Support Specialist will be in contact to answer questions pertaining to special education plans, processes, resources and rights.

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Tamara Thompson
Special Services Manager
Phone: 520-562-5793
Cell: 520-610-5546

Myona Garcia
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 520-562-5782
Cell: 520-610-6177

Merla Shorthair
Secretary I
Phone: 520-562-5790
Cell: 520-610-5634

Stacy Brown
Early Intervention Specialist
Phone: 520-562-5781
Cell: 520-610-1194

Chelsea Miles
Early Intervention Specialist
Phone: 520-562-5786
Cell: 520-610-1997

Sarah Neff
Special Education Teacher
Phone: 520-562-5775
Cell: 520-610-9378

Demeshia Clauschee
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Phone: 520-562-5789
Cell: 520-610-8800

Christopher Smith
Student Support Specialist
Phone: 520-562-5777
Cell: 520-610-7073

Tona TreeTop
Student Support Specialist
Phone: 520-562-5792
Cell: 520-610-8752

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