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Opportunities & Annual Events

Mul-Chu-Tha Art and Essay Contest (March), Graduation Banquet (June/July), Graduation Stole Giveaway (April)...More >

Growing Readers Developing Leaders

Growing Readers & Developing Leaders is an educational initiative dedicated to promoting literacy, culture, and communication throughout the Gila River Indian Community. More >

Education Code

The Tribal Education Department (TED), along with multiple Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) government departments, Community Schools, Council Members, Community Members, and other education advocates/stakeholders have been undertaking a massive multi-year effort to create and codify the Community’s first Education Code...More >


In an effort to improve truancy issues within the Community, a common procedure has been developed that aligns with the GRIC Truancy Code and the procedures followed by the GRIC Children’s Court. More >

Grant Info

Awarded in October 2019, the Tribal Education Department (TED) Grant takes information, data, and recommendations from the Sovereignty in Education (SIE) Grant (2014-2019)...More >

Behavioral Health School Counseling Services

Who Are We?

  • We have experience working with children and families
  • We connect students and their families to additional Behavioral Health Services as needed through GRHC
  • Behavioral Health School Counselors are licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners

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