About Student Services

Eligibility Requirements

  • Enrolled member of the Community
  • Have a High School Diploma or GED
  • Be admitted to an accredited College/University or one of the four approved Vocational schools

GRIC Application Process

Stage 1: Applicant submits application materials to Student Services indicated deadline date.
Stage 2: Student Advisor reviews application material and gives Applicant a check sheet showing what has been submitted.
Stage 3: Student Services sends Approval or Denial Letter to Applicant within 4 weeks after the deadline date.
Stage 4: Approved Applicants must attend mandatory Student Service Orientation.
Stage 5: Student services sends FNA to School to be filled out by their Financial Aid Office.

Steps For Application

  1. Meet with GRIC Student Advisor
  2. Returning/former students must have their file reviewed .
  3. Meet with Academic Advisor at school of choice
  4. Apply to school of choice
  5. Apply and submit FAFSA application online
  6. Submit GRIC scholarship application
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