We are looking for parents, students, and community stakeholders to join our ACE Advisory Committee!

Complete our feedback form to help the ACE Program become a quality service provider for Gila River Indian Community Students!

The ACE team understands that the right kinds of school-family connections can produce multiple benefits for students. This includes higher grade point averages and test scores, enrollment in rigorous courses, improved attendance, enhanced social skills, superior behavior at home and at school and stronger cultural engagement and learning.

We encourage parents and guardians to be a valuable contributor to each student’s path for success by establishing strong relationships through listening, participating, and engaging in shared decision making. These connections can also improve parents' feelings of efficacy and increase community support for schools. Our hope is to create positive, culturally grounded parent/guardian experiences and engagement.

The ultimate goal of our ACE services and programming is to improve the educational opportunities and achievement of Gila River Indian Community students and increase the graduation and promotion rate of all participating students. The ACE program will offer services in the following areas: Culture and Language, Literacy, Enrichment, and Dropout Prevention/Recovery.

We will keep parents and students engaged with our service providers and staff via phone calls, feedback forms, message boards, and meetings. The ACE team and the Advisory Committee will host quarterly meetings to discuss new educational and cultural options, areas for improvement, and upcoming events.

We welcome you to the ACE Program and hope your students will enjoy our services for years to come!

ACE Advisory Committee

Parent/Guardian Feedback Form

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